2020-02-28 25


   The Model 820M1 is a low cost, board mountable accelerometer designed for embedded condition monitoring and preventive maintenance applications. The piezo-electric accelerometer is available in ranges from ±25g to ±500g and features a flatfrequency response up to >10kHz. The model 820M1 accelerometer feature a stable piezo-ceramic crystal in shear mode with low power electronics, sealed in a fully hermetic LCC package.

   The PE technology incorporated in the 820M1 accelerometer has a proven track record for offering the reliable and long-term stable output required for condition monitoring applications. The accelerometer is designed and qualified for machine health monitoring and has superior Resolution, Dynamic Range and Bandwidth to MEMS devices.

类        型: 加速度传感器  
量        程: ±25g,±50g,±100g,±200g,±500g 
精  确  度: <±2% FSO(非线性) 
输        出:±1.25V 
供电电源: 35.5Vdc  
电气连接: 焊脚 
工作温度: -40℃~125℃  
特       点:低成本,压电陶瓷芯体,温度范围宽