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        The EPXN is a high performance small pressure sensor using silicon chip for clean media (non corrosive). With it's recessed port, it is best recommended for static applications or low frequency. Available with 10-32UNFor M5 thread,EPXN is available with a cable or integral connector.Offered in pressure ranges from 5 to 150 psi (0.3 to 10 bar),vented and absolute pressure. Various compensated temperature ranges are available from -40°C up to 90°C. The sensor is offered with an amplified or unamplified output.

        型: 高频压力传感器
        程: 00.3,1,2,5,10BAR
  线  性: ±0.30.5%FSO
        出: 5075mV5V
供电电源: 15VDC,±15VDC2432VDC
电气连接: 电缆
工作温度: -40120 
        点: 长期稳定性好,小螺纹,凹入式硅压阻膜片
典型应用: 静态压力监测,卫星,大气飞行器测试