2019-07-23 366


       The KMT39 is a magnetic field sensor based on the anisotropic magneto resistance effect, i.e. it is sensing the magnetic field direction independently on the magnetic field strength for applied field strengths H>25 kA/m. The sensor contains two parallel supplied Wheatstone bridges, which enclose a sensitive angle of 45 degrees. 
     With reduced accuracy, the sensor KMT39 may be used with a field strength of H0 ≥ 15 kA/m (at room temperature). Most magnets show a decreasing field strength with temperature while the magnetic field direction is unchanged. 

类        型: 角度传感器 
量        程: 0~180° 
精  确  度: 0.2° 
输        出: 频率输出 
工作温度: -40℃~+150℃ 
特        点: 磁场效应 
典型应 编码器,电动机,方向舵,角度测量,马达控制,机器人,相机定位,汽车,可取代电位器