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        The XFL212R series is an extraordinarily thin miniature load cell with a temperature compensation module integrated into the output cable. This design allows TE CONNECTIVITY to manufacture extremely small sensors without sacrificing thermal zero and sensitivity performance. 

        The XFL212R measures strain during compression in static and dynamic applications. Unlike sensors with flat force application surfaces, the XFL212R incorporates a spherical load button, which assures more precise loading and in return more accurate measurements.  

        The sensing element is fitted with a fully temperature compensated Wheatstone bridge equipped with high stability micro-machined silicon strain gages. The use of silicon strain gages optimizes its performance at low ranges and frequencies. The sensor is available in aluminum alloy or stainless steel, depending on the full scale range and can withstand considerable overloads. 

        On request, Instruction documents can be provided to ease the selection and use of our sensors and provide helpful tips.” 


封        装:扁平纽扣式设计 
量        程:5~500N(1~100Lbf) 
非  线  性:<±0.5%FS 
输        出:100mV 
特        点:非常扁平,纽扣式负载,尺寸小